Feds Launch Landmark Investigation Into Top Democrat… Who’s Laughing Now

According to recent reports, the Justice Department is investigating Bernie Sanders’ wife over a land deal she orchestrated while acting as president of the now-defunct Burlington College. Jane Sanders has reportedly lawyered up for the ongoing investigation.

A former college employee who coordinated the school’s response to an FBI subpoena in February of last year said she was recently contacted by two of Sanders’ attorneys.
“They wanted information on what I had been asked by the FBI. They were trying to get clarification on what the accusations are because they had not been contacted by anybody as to an investigation,” said Coralee Holm, the former dean of operations and advancement for Burlington College.

Two former Burlington College trustees have also come forward to say they were contacted by lawyers representing Sanders.

The investigation goes back seven years when Sanders reportedly secured a $6.7 million loan from People’s United Bank. The college used the loan to purchase a 33-acre lakefront campus for the school. The agreement for the loan required the college to provide evidence of more than $2 million in pledged donations, and three donors have come forward to say that their pledges were misrepresented in the documents.

10 months after the deal was made, Sanders was forced out. The school was only able to collect $676,000 in donations.