FBI Takes Bill Clinton Into Custody At LaGuardia

It wasn’t the typical scene you might think of when you hear the FBI took down a criminal at the airport. You might picture tactical teams in full gear with automatic weapons followed by lots of shouting to “get on the ground” and handcuffs. That definitely was NOT the scene as the Clinton-friendly FBI waltzed up to Slick Willy when he deplaned from Morocco at LaGuardia.

The encounter was so subtle there were very few witnesses. Paparazzi waiting for the Clintons was dispersed beforehand. A total of two reporters, one from WND and our own Skip Tetheluda managed to stay behind and only Skip got a statement from an agent:

“President Clinton isn’t under arrest. He’s being detained for questioning as a person of interest following the raid on his home in Chappaqua yesterday. We expect him to fully cooperate and be home by lunch.”

In other words, it doesn’t matter that they found a body and a kill room on Clinton’s property. It doesn’t matter that all signs lead to something monstrous happening in upstate New York for over a decade. Bill Clinton will be home by lunch. He wasn’t even handcuffed.

Several conservative groups are organizing a phone petition to Congressman Trey Gowdy’s office to ask him to step in and investigate this heinous crime. It’s our duty as law-abiding, peaceful Americans to join them. Gowdy can be reached at (202) 225-6030.