Expert Determines James Comey Broke the Law

Fired FBI Director, James Comey, broke the law when he decided to leak a memo recalling his meeting with President Donald Trump to the New York Times, according to American Center for Law And Justice’s Jay Sekulow.

The shocking admission was made last week during Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence committee. Comey said that he handed the memo over to a friend whom he instructed to leak its contents to the Press.

Sekulow joined Friday’s “Hannity” to discuss the legal issues surrounding the leak.

“Okay, here’s the real issue. The contents of that memo, the substance of it anyway, was already reported in the New York Times the day before the president tweeted anything. And then, Sean, he goes under oath and says, ‘I did this to get a special council.’ Which, by the way, is empaneled the next day,” explained Sekulow.

“So you tell me what this is,” he asked Hannity.

To which Sean Hannity responded, “Outrageous.”

“This is–no no. It’s more than outrageous. It’s a crime”, Sekulow declares.

Watch below:


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