EXCLUSIVE: ‘Veterans’ Who ‘Took A Knee’ To ‘Support’ Black Athletes Are Paid Actors (PROOF)

You have have heard that a group of veterans at a city council meeting in Sacramento, California “took a knee” to show support for black athletes’ protest against law enforcement, our flag, and our anthem.

It probably seemed convenient that a group of vets would wander in and put on such a show despite the massive disrespect it shows for the country they served, and if it seemed suspicious to you you were right.

“We are in need of able-bodied men to play the part of United States veterans in an important live-action role,” the ad says, noting that “compensation is competetive” and adding that applicants must “be willing to kneel during the Pledge of Allegiance.”


The ad offers “compensation” in the amount of $200.

It is unclear who posted the ad, but the intent is clear: to make it look like veterans support the unpatriotic actions in the NFL by players who hate our country.