Donald Trump Jr. Taken Into Custody-President Trump FURIOUS

According to the gung-ho federal prosecutor in Lake Wellington, Illinois, Donald Trump Jr. committed an act of treasonous collusion when he took a meeting with a Russian lawyer. Because the charge is a federal one and Trump Jr. was in his jurisdiction as a prosecutor, a warrant was issued and Donald Trump Jr was apprehended at his hotel.

According to an officer on the scene from the local police, Trump Junior was standing behind his Secret Service detail on the phone. Within a minute or two, the US Marshals tasked with taking Trump to be booked received a call.

According to Officer Szymanowski:

“The Deputy Marshals were told they had to take him for booking but not to cuff him. There was nothing President Trump could do until there was an actual charge against him. As soon as he was charged, he was pardoned.”

That’s how a real President handles a situation like that. Liberals will call it abuse of power and nepotism. We call it Trump kicking butt. He won’t apologize because he doesn’t have to.

As for the prosecutor, US Attorney Norman Kimbrowicz will spend the rest of his life clerking for a federal judge in a one-room building in Nome, Alaska. Git ‘r dun.