Disgusting Libs Mocked 11-Year Old Barron, But Look Whose Laughing Now

On Sunday, First Lady Melania Trump and 11-year-old Barron Trump finally moved to the White House to join the president. What has been a long-awaited move quickly turned ugly when liberals decided to mock the youngest Trump child for playing with a fidget spinner toy as he got off Air Force One.

Even though the toy is currently the most popular toy in America, Twitter users were relentless in their criticism of Barron.

“#Barron with a fidget spinner…Maybe there’s one for #Trumps we all know he needs one…” @dayonep1 wrote.

“Special needs kids need special attention when exposed to the realities of the world. Maybe a fidget spinner would help Barron,” @syriusdobermann added.

“fidgetspinner for anxiety? Kid’ll need something stronger than that,” @devora11dog wrote.

Liberals also went after the child for his “Expert” t-shirt. But it’s clear the First Son made quite the impression because the shirt sold out at J.Crew within 48 hours after she was pictured wearing it. The week only got better for Barron, who finally started experiencing some of the perks of living in the White House.

Liberals may be low enough to attack a child because they dislike his father’s policies, but they aren’t bringing him down anytime soon.