DEATHBLOW! Hannity Just FINISHED James Comey With 2 BRUTAL Words [VIDEO]

Fox News host Sean Hannity has been watching the unfolding saga about former FBI Director James Comey, and strongly supported President Donald Trump’s decision to fire him after it was revealed just how deeply he lied about Hillary Clinton and how she tried to cover up her email crimes.

Comey’s firing has faced significant blowback from liberals, who just a few months ago decided that they didn’t like Comey any more because he reopened the FBI’s investigation into Hillary just days before the November 8th election. Sean Hannity just told the left exactly what he thinks of their hypocritical opinions and why Comey should be ashamed of himself.

Said Hannity on his show, “We’re going to cut through all of the noise, all of the nonsense on this program tonight and tell you exactly what the left and destroy-Trump media will not tell you.

James Comey, the now-former FBI director, is a NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT. It is that plain, and it is that simple. And frankly, he’s very lucky that President Trump kept him around this long because of his now-unhinged and very erratic behavior. Now, firing James Comey with absolutely the single right thing for this president to do.”

He added, “It’s good for the country and let me tell you why — Comey has failed you, the American people, on a spectacular level. And at every single turn, the FBI director disrespected the Constitution. He has shown he does not care about the equal opportunity application of the rule or of law being applied equally to every American.”

Concluded Hannity, “He has stood by while our Fourth Amendment rights have been trampled upon. And worst of all, he has created in this country now a two-tiered justice system. One for Hillary and Bill Clinton, and one for the rest of America. It’s become a travesty. Comey tonight should be ashamed of himself.” Do you agree with Sean Hannity? Watch below or Watch on youtube: