CNN Execs Just Got The Worst Surprise Of Their Careers Outside Their Windows… [LOOK]

A fake news protest against CNN is set to take place at the network’s Atlanta headquarters in response to the shooting of Republican Representative Steve Scalise.

The gunman in the incident was a Trump-bashing, Bernie Sanders supporter to injured five people in his act of rage. Now, many angry Americans are pointing their finger at the media for creating an anti-Trump hysteria with their biased reporting.

“We encourage everyone to keep Rep. Scalise in your prayers for a speedy recovery and the other victims,” said Debbie Dooley of Main Street Patriots, and the organizer of the rally. “We will have a moment of silence at the protest to pray for the victims of the leftist assassin.”

Organizers say the event is designed to show support for Trump and other Republicans by taking a stand against the “hate-filled rhetoric” that has become mainstream in this country.

“I am very encouraged by the interest in the CNN fake news protest,” Dooley said. “ I’ve noticed a big uptick in the intensity level of folks interested in attending the protest after the cowardly assassination attempt of Republican Congressmen by someone on the radical left in Alexandria, Virginia on Wednesday.”

Dooley has also voiced concerns about the safety of those protesting.

“One big reason is that Georgia is an open carry state and violent thugs would be insane to attempt violence at our peaceful protest,” she said. “This hate filled rhetoric against President Trump has permeated many media outlets like CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times. Some of CNN’s hosts engage in hate-filled hysteria in their attempt to bring down the democratically-elected President of the United States.”

“They helped create the toxic atmosphere that Hodgkinson would believe it is ‘open season’ on Republicans. It is time for Trump supporters to rise up and say with a loud voice, enough.”

The event has also gotten the support of major groups, like Bikers for Trump.

“Bikers for Trump will be at CNN headquarters on Saturday because in our opinion there is no way to measure this level of journalistic malpractice,” said Founder Chris Cox. “CNN exemplifies vigilante journalism.”