Cher Just TURNED on The Democrats! Look What She Did for Trump Today

Cher is considered to be the queen of pop in America.

She is a long time American singer and also an actress. She is also considered to be a big Democrat and a supporter of Hilary Clinton.

Don’t get mad, because what she did for our President Trump will change your mind about her.

Yesterday, Neil Gorsuch’s place in the Supreme Court was threatened by no other than Chuck Shumer, Senate minority leader, as he announced that he has enough votes to eliminate Neil Gorsuch from the Supreme Court candidates. What a horrible move would that be!

Shumer has always expressed his opinion that The Republican are standing in the way of Merrick Garland’s chance to run for Supreme Court. Apparently Cher agreed with us and told them to just accept the fact that Trump’s nominee Neil Gorsuch is more qualified and they should go ahead and confirm him. Good for you Cher!

She posted on twitter about this matter and she told the Democrats to basically stop crying and get on with approving Neil Gorsuch.

She is completely and 100 percent right. Democrats should just stop being childish and accept the fact that the America n people know what is best for them, and that is Neil Gorsuch.

According to Subject Politics during the elections were taking place Hilary Clinton was in fact the one who said that she would be completely shocked if Trump declined the outcome of the elections.

Well the day that a Democrat accepts the outcome of the elections is the day that fish ride bicycles. Get real Democrats.