BUSTED: Video Emerges of CNN Staging Fake Anti-ISIS Protest

Video footage surfaced on social media this weekend showing CNN actually staging a fake, anti-ISIS protest in the UK just days after a terror attack in London left at least seven people dead and many more injured.

Images of the protesters, featuring Muslim men and women holding signs that read “ISIS will lose” and “turn to love,” showed up on the internet and were immediately boasted by the mainstream media and liberal reporters.

However, there was just one tiny problem – the entire protest was staged by CNN.

Watch the shocking behind-the-scenes video above which shows CNN producers and staff actively coordinating the protesters, handing out signs and flowers and arranging the ‘demonstrators’ for the cameras.

Once again the liberal mainstream media is caught red handed creating fake news. Pass this around folks and let everybody know what idiots these people at CNN are. Are you boycotting CNN? Scroll down below and let us know in the comments section!