BREAKING: Trump Goes After CNN’s Anderson Cooper… He’s Done

In the past few months, CNN has been working overtime to bring Donald Trump down. Now, this has come back to bite the network in a major way.

This week, Trump’s White House adopted a new press strategy that major news networks aren’t too happy with. The strategy involves the White House hosting a public briefing one day and then canceling their briefings for the next few days. Once tensions are at an all-time high, the White House hosts an off-camera briefing.

Reporters from the mainstream media have been very public in their distaste for the controversial actions. They’ve also focused in on what they consider incomplete answers from Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

“When will @PressSec provide the promised answers?” ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl tweeted. “I’ve asked. Still waiting for a response.”

Others have directed their anger at the off-camera aspects of the press briefings.

“The WH is holding what is essentially a normal briefing in the briefing room but they aren’t allowing cameras to record what’s being said,” Jim Acosta of CNN tweeted. “The reason why is that YOUR government doesn’t want YOU to see and hear what they’re doing. In the United States of America.”

What do you think of the White House’s actions?