BREAKING: Trump Declares Puerto Rico Mayor Drain On America, No Longer A Citizen

Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz has apparently crossed the final line with President Trump, making a TV appearance to slam the President while wearing a “NASTY” T-shirt, a clear reference to Democrats telling her that she must be nasty with Trump. Clearly she’s taken that advice. And now it’s cost her her job and her country.

It’s just the latest insult in a series of insults from the Mayor. She railed at Trump and American media for calling the Puerto Rico devastation good news. She criticized Trump’s handling of the situation repeatedly. She said Trump’s comments about Puerto Rico were “insulting.” She mocked Trump throwing paper towels during his visit to the country, and called him a moron.

Trump has had enough, as he wasted no time taking to Twitter to retaliate for this latest insult.

No word yet on who Trump plans to put into the crucial role of leading the devastated country through the devastation. What matters to the President is the obstacle costing American people money and directly insulting his leadership – “Mayor” Cruz – is out of the way and no longer America’s problem.Dona