BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh Death Hoax Latest Dem Conspiracy To Take Focus From Clinton

Liberal trolls have tried to perpetrate a hoax about Rush Limbaugh being dead but the diligence of Trump supporters and the quick spread of knowledgeable truth through Patriot circles has once again prevailed. Rush is, of course, alive and well and currently enjoying a Monte Cristo sandwich at Katz’s Deli with friends.

This was just another example of the left trying to create a distraction so nobody would pay attention to things like the Clinton connection to the death of a US Senator. It’s a disgrace. This time, however, the troll met his match. A group of Patriots stalked the troll through all of his groups, telling everyone wherever he posted that it was fake news and not to share it. The hoax died within minutes.

The jerk responsible threatened one of the group admins, telling him he would “rue the day he borrowed that pound of flesh,” and threatening that “all that was given would be taken away.” Nobody really knows what that means, but the guy is a total tool anyway. He told the 6 people who would listen that he had no choice but to pull the hoax because his honor had been impugned.

Typical liberal jackass. No idea what he’s talking about. Thanks to the Montgomery III%ers for their persistence in killing this stupid hoax before it began.