BREAKING: Rick Scott’s Wife Takes Him Off Of Life Support: ‘It’s In God’s Hands Now’

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Wife, Melody, was advised by doctors at Sarasota’s Mercy General Hospital to remove the governor from his ventilator, as he is officially brain dead. She did so, with his 6 children and 11 grandchildren by his side, months after that announcement first came and just hours after he slipped into a coma.

Scott, who was struck by a falling ceramic roof tile while helping his neighbor clear brush from his driveway, was commended by people across the country for preparing Florida so well for Hurricane Irma, which will go down as the number one thing on his list of achievements that now includes more than simply being elected.

The governor’s commitment to his job and to the businesses of Florida kept the state thriving at a time when Democrats were pushing for things the country can’t afford like increased minimum wages and fair pay for equal work.

Governor Scott always took the side of logic in the debate, assuring it would prevail, even against simple fact if necessary. He was a truly great man with a great vision of wealth for America. He will be missed.

Governor Scott’s wife turned his ventilator off at 1:05 PM Eastern. He passed within two minutes. Please pray for his family.