BREAKING: Pictures Of Paul Ryan At Miami Gay Bar Leaked By Jealous Boyfriend (IMAGES)

Paul Ryan will have some explaining to do to his wife, his kids, his constituents, his pastor and the American people now that these pictures of him at an underground gay bar in Miami have been leaked by a jealous boyfriend. Juan Miguel Escaperone says he will be kicked out of the club he’s been going to for 8 years for breaking the anonymity of another member, but he doesn’t care:

“Pauly is a hypocrite. He runs on some family values thing when his family has been right here in the Miami underground. He comes here at least once or twice a week in a private jet when his wife and kids think he’s working. He told me we would run away together once he was done with his government job. Then he tossed me aside because he’s afraid of how closely Donald Trump is watching.”

Juan Miguel says that is the main reason why he wants people to see these pictures he took personally inside the private club known to the Miami underground as “Graffiti Beach.” The club’s exact location and who own it are still unknown. The pictures, however, are unmistakably Paul Ryan: