BREAKING: Obama Has Been Secretly Housing An Illegal Refugee In His DC Mansion

The woman you see in that picture is Mamatama Tumumbo-Clark, a woman from Barack Obama’s village in Kenya. She practically raised him and is probably the one person on earth who witnessed his true birth in Africa.

That woman is now a refugee from a Mulsim country and therefore subject to extreme vetting. At her age, she probably wouldn’t qualify for express status to get her to “safety.” Especially since Kenya isn’t currently at war with anyone.Yet somehow, some way, this Muslim woman nobody can vouch for with no legal right to be here is living in an $8 million mansion in Washington, two miles from the National Mall. He may have been president, but does that really give him the right to just break the law like that?

 Immigration specialists say the first problem is that nobody ever sees the woman. She may appear for a moment in a window now and again but so far, ICE hasn’t been able to identify anyone illegal in the house. They’ve learned to keep her well-hidden.

“Nobody is above the law,” said President Trump, “If this woman is in the United States illegally, I will personally see to it that she’s escorted back to Nigeria.”

That’s a promise he will surely keep.