BREAKING: Obama-Appointed Muslim Judge Uses Flooding To Clear Way For Sharia Law In Texas And Florida

An Obama-appointed judge on the 26th circuit has used the catastrophic flooding of Harvey and Irma to allow tenets of Sharia Law to be practiced right here on American soil. According to judge Marie al Salam al Salami, areas affected by catastrophic flooding that have no contact with the outside are within their legal rights to rule as sovereign entities, instituting whatever laws they deem necessary, including religious law.

So…the Christians will love thy neighbor, the Buddhists and Hindus will love everything and the Muslims will beat their women for not properly covering themselves and murder their neighbor’s entire family because a boy peeped at a woman through a telescope. There have been reports of children being tortured for stealing food to feed their families. Al Salami said:

“Those who can govern themselves while the government is unavailable must be allowed to do so without repurcussions when order is restored. There are entire town nobody has been able to reach for days strewn across Texas and Florida. Those people need to hold their own accountable under their own local custom.”
Unfortunately, for nearly 3 dozen communities in those states that play host to a majority of Muslims, that means Sharia Law is now in effect. A count from the 2015 US Census says that more than 40K Christians will be affected. FEMA says it will be months before power is restored to all of them.