Breaking: The NFL Makes Long-Awaited Decision On What To Do About Protests

The NFL, whether it seems like it or not, has tried to find a way to combine the concern for their players’ feelings and their increasingly angry fans in order to come to a solution that can help everyone. So far, that solution has not come out. And, as of right now, nothing has been done to stop these protests. But it sounds like they are at the very least looking for ways to change it.

That is a far cry from what has happened in the previous 2 weeks. Players continued to kneeling during the anthem and many did not even make it out onto the field. This was a total disrespect of our country and did not work in the way that we expected it to. Americans from every background came together and agreed that this was not okay.

Now the NFL has made a decision that could move them in the right direction, at least for now. It has been announced that television crews have been advised not to show the anthem, going back instead to what they used to do, which was air commercials. This could work well in more ways than one. First, obviously, people from both sides of the issue would not see what is happening.

Secondly, with it no longer being in the spotlight, the players might eventually get bored of the protests. And since this lives and dies with attention, what good is it if nobody is even seeing it take place.

Eric Shanks, President of Fox Sports explained:

“So I think we’re going to pay attention to events,” Shanks told Newsday. “… A lot of time is happening between now and then.” So for the people that are tired of seeing the NFL turn into grounds for protest, this could be a move.

We are not saying that it will change anything other than the anthem not being seen. The players will still kneel, at least that is what it looks like it. But for the average viewer, this might calm some nerves.

Do you think that this decision by the television execs and NFL will work?