BREAKING: Muslim NFL Owner Who ‘Protested’ With Players Has Ties To ISIS

A Muslim football team owner disgraced our nation on Sunday by joining players in attacking men and women who have bravely served our nation by attacking our national anthem.

Shahid Khan, the league’s only Muslim team owner, stood with his Jaguars as they publicly defied Donald Trump during a game in London against the Baltimore Ravens.

Khan and his team stood for “God Save the Queen” but knelt for God Bless America, a clear sign that as a Muslim he has no respect for our National Anthem.

And why should he? Western Journalism released a bombshell report that reveals Khan’s connections to a certain terrorist group.

Khan also owns Sharma Ltd., a known financier of ISIS activities through its shell companies. Last year, eleven subsidiaries of Sharma were busted in a massive scandal that rocked Europe when it was discovered that they were being used to funnel money to ISIS. Shortly after, Khan purchased the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The money sent to ISIS was used to finance multiple terrorist attacks, according to Fox News, including the Paris attack that took 63 lives.

It’s time for our country to ban all Muslims from entering.