BREAKING: Michelle Obama Sent Meal Kits To Puerto Rico, Look What She’s Feeding Them

In what appears to be an effort to mirror Donald Trump’s diligent efforts to help the people of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Michelle Obama decided to send a shipment of “food.”

Now Puerto Rico is besieged by Hurricane Michelle, who is working hard to flood the land with the same quality meals as she provided American high school students. Some recipients of the Obamameals posted their food on social media:






Needless to say, someone needs to tell Ms. Obama that these people have suffered enough! A letter included with the first shipment of food told Puerto Ricans that Obama hopes “to alleviate the suffering caused by our blind indifference to climate change.”

Michael’s decision to inject a political message into “her” “gift” is typical of her trash family, as is the quality of the “food” she sent to hurricane victims. You would think that The Obamas would care enough about American citizens in Puerto Rico (they are American citizens, though Democrats don’t seem to realize this) to follow Trump’s example and send aid.

“Puerto Rico is very important to me, and Puerto Rico — the people are fantastic people,” Trump said before meeting with lawmakers on Tuesday. “I grew up in New York, so I know many people from Puerto Rico. I know many Puerto Ricans. And these are great people, and we have to help them. The island is devastated.”

Thank God President Trump is in office to take care of those people. While the media focused on the NFL, Trump directed shipments of food and supplies to be sent to Puerto Rico to help the people. It takes 30 seconds to send a tweet, and the President spent the rest of his time doing his job better than any recent “leader” our country has had.

God bless America and God bless President Trump!