BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Just Got An Unexpected Co-Host For Her New Show

Megyn Kelly, whose career has been a state of flux for almost six months now, has finally settled on a new show format and schedule. What she didn’t expect was that NBC, after coming in last in the ratings for more than 10 years, would make a move that would not only steal her thunder but put her in the show’s second chair.


After hearing that he turned down a job at the White House, NBC had a sit down with none other than conservative icon Bill O’Reilly and offered him $25 million a year, $6 million more than Kelley will make, to co-host a show with her in primetime this fall. The show, which has a tentative name of Factor And File, a play on their previous show titles, will pit the aggressive right-wing O’Reilly against the centrist moderate Kelly on popular public policy issues.

Kelly’s spokesperson said the deal hasn’t been finalized as O’Reilly may still take the White House job. He also said that Megyn isn’t exactly thrilled with the thought of sharing a show with a man she doesn’t particularly care for, but the format sounds interesting and would generate a lot of viewers.

This is a developing story that will be updated.