BREAKING: Man Who Died On Carnival Ride Was On Trey Gowdy’s Witness List – Here’s What We Know

When tragedy struck at an Oklahoma school fair yesterday, families, friends and complete strangers alike came together to pray for the souls of the lost and their families. Now that investigators have had a chance to examine the ride that failed and the passengers on board when it happened, they aren’t so sure it was an accident at all.

Oklahoma Attorney General Walt Sneed told LLOD correspondent Skip Tetheluda:

“Our forensics people have looked at the ride in question and it was definitely not a mechanical failure. Several of the bolts on a particular car were removed.

The tool marks indicate a compressed air wrench, meaning whoever did this was motivated and prepared.”

Things became even more strange when the identity of the man who died went public. In a preemptive strike to how the liberal media would handle the news, Trey Gowdy’s office released a statement:

“Robert Landison was scheduled to appear in front of Congressman Gowdy’s Committee to Convivt Clinton On Tuesday of next week. The news that Mr. Landison was killed in what now looks like a premeditated attack is disconcerting to say the least.”

Nobody has come right out and said it yet, but we aren’t afraid. Hillary Clinton probably had her old intern Bob Landison killed because he knew too much. He was around during the Whitewater scandal all the way through to the killing of Bill’s second love child.

We’ll certainly keep you updated on this developing story.