BREAKING: House Dems Introduce Bill To Remove Citizenship Requirement From Presidency

Democrats have sank to a new low! Since they can’t find an American who can beat Donald Trump in 2020, they are now trying to do the next best thing: outsource the job.

Democrat Congressmen Nancy Pelosi and Keith Olbermann introduced H.B. 2169-B, which would remove the requirement that the President be born here.

“For too long we have been relying on an archaic idea that the President can only serve the United States if he or she has lived here all his or her life,” Pelosi said in a statement. “Our bill would prove that wrong by allowing someone to run if they have lived here for two years.”

Asked if this would allow a foreign power to effectively take over the country or encourage terrorism, Pelosi explained that it would not because “the embrace of the American people would be enough to ensure that the person does their very best.”

“We are always willing to bring someone in from another country to run our corporations,” says Rep. Olbermann. “Why can’t we do that with government? We can’t do worse than Trump.”

We can’t do that with government, Keith, because of a little thing called the Constitution – a document liberals know nothing about and don’t bother to try to understand.

Liberals have gone absolutely insane.