BREAKING: George Soros’ 4th-of-July-Plot Exposed

U.S. authorities with the Park Service have received reports and have reason to suspect that the upcoming Battle of Gettysburg anniversary celebration — slated for Fourth of July weekend — at Gettysburg National Park will come under threat of being violently disrupted.

Antifa, a left-wing militant group often funded by progressive billionaire George Soros and known for instigating violent riots, is plotting to desecrate gravestones and memorials to disrupt the historic event. (via Fox News)

The Park Service has stated they have been aware of a number of suspicious indicators of trouble for the Battle of Gettysburg anniversary, with the Park Police stating they are treating these reports seriously and working with several other law enforcement agencies.

Reports have included plans to damage memorials, deface gravestones, take down the flag, and cause general havoc and disruption at the re-enactment event.

“Reports of possible Antifa activities in Gettysburg have been a part of our preparation and planning,” states U.S. Park Police Sgt. Anna Rose. She continues, mentioning they have been coordinating with other enforcement agencies including “the Borough of Gettysburg, Cumberland Township, Pennsylvania State Police, United States Park Police, and others.”

“If individuals or groups decide to act unlawfully, plans have been put in place to efficiently address them while allowing other members of the public to enjoy the democratic process.”

The Antifa group, an appropriation of the word “anti-fascist,” is a left-wing organization that is quite frequently militant in nature. They claim to be against fascism, but the great irony is that their employment of tactics such as riots, setting fires, and causing disruptions to cancel events they disagree with, closely mirror that of Hitler’s brown shirts, who used violence and thuggery as an intimidation tactic themselves.

As a militant left-wing organization, Antifa has targeted and tried to shut down any person or event that doesn’t fit with their agenda. Most notably was their riot at the University of California at Berkeley where they succeeded in shutting down the speaking engagement of controversial conservative pundit Milo Yiannopoulos.