BREAKING: Fox News Loses Top Host… Their Entire Network Is Falling Apart

On Thursday, Democratic Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky, who is suing the network over sexual harassment she claims to have faced at the hands of former CEO Roger Ailes, revealed she is leaving the network.

“Today marks my last episode of ‘The Clapback’ and my last week at Fox,” Roginsky said. “Hopefully you’ve learned words can cut really deep but you can also stand up to trolls, teach them something bigger and be the bigger woman.”

“I’ve enjoyed it; I’ve enjoyed you,” she added. “Thank you so much for watching ‘The Clapback,’ thank you so much for watching me on TV all these years. One of the joys in my life was interacting with you, whether it was agreeing with you, or clapping back at you.”

Roginsky sparked controversy when she filed a lawsuit against Fox News, Ailes, and former co-president Bill Shine, claiming Ailes had sought a sexual relationship with her in exchange for a regular hosting spot on the show “The Five.”

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