BREAKING: First Female Serial Killer In 30 Years Is A US Senator’s Daughter

Anne Marie Scott, Daughter of Democrat US Senator James Montgomery of Delaware, has been charged with 14 counts of first-degree murder by the Delaware District Attorney for Wilmingshire. The victims, all black men in their early 20s, were torn limb from limb and fed to Scott’s impressive collection of deadly reptiles.

While she refused to answer questions, her lawyer did disclose that Ms. Scott was the victim of several black men in her early 20s:

“One left when she got pregnant, forcing her to abort. One took everything she owned and slipped out in the middle of the night and the last one, when she told him about her misfortune and told him she wanted to go slow, raped her and got away with it.

My client has a reason to dislike young, attractive black men.”
Some would agree. Most would also say that just because you’re the victim of hood rats and thugs doesn’t give you the right to go and murder people. Maybe if it were self-defense, but she lured all of her subsequent victims with marijuana and home cooking. She recorded every moment.

The case against her will certainly ruin Senator Montgomery, as much of the carnage happened when he was the governor of Delaware right in the Executive Mansion. The Delaware Attorney general says she will definitely be seeking the death penalty.