Barron Trump Makes History With HUGE Announcement

From day 1, President Trump’s youngest son, Barron, has been the focus of much media attention. He has been targeted by liberals and defended by conservatives, but mostly he has just kept his head down and tried to stay as far above the fray as possible. His mother, Melania, has made it a priority to keep him on as normal a routine as possible by staying at Trump Towers for the duration of his school year.

Being the first kid is hard enough, but what Barron has unwittingly taken on is going to garner a lot of media attention. Since the early 1960’s there have been many beautiful and talented first kids in the White House, each making a mark with their own strengths and talents but all with one thing in common; they’ve all been girls. Barron Trump will be taking up residence at the White House at the age of 11 and hopefully stay there for the next 8 years. He will officially be the first son to live in the presidential palace since John F. Kennery, Jr. took office.


According to Time Magazine, earlier in the country’s history, it was more common to see boys in the White House. “In the 19th century, the occupants of the White House had herds of boys. The Lincolns had four. The Grants had three sons and a daughter. The Hayeses had seven sons and a daughter,” wrote Time. “The Garfields had seven kids, five of them sons. Not all of these male heirs lived in the White House — many died young, or were too old to be living with their parents — but several did.”


Donald and Melania Trump have made a concentrated effort to keep Barron out of the spotlight as much as possible, although he did manage to be the first one out the door when the family landed in D.C. for the inauguration.

Being a president’s kid is a unique experience in its own right and the nation will be waiting to see how this, the first boy in over 50 years, handles things. We hope and pray that this transition will be as smooth as possible for him, and that he does his dad and the country proud in the way that he conducts himself.