Antifa Surrounds Entrance of Boston Rally, Confronts Afghan War Vet After He Says He Supports Trump

A woman that was part of the protests in Boston was calmly walking with the crowd holding an American flag in her hands. The elderly woman was attacked by a protester who grabbed the American flag from her hands. It has yet to be revealed who was the attacker. Apparently, he is part of some group that was attending the event. In the aftermath, the woman got away from the attacker and ran into the crowd of Antifa supporters.

The notorious Antifa made a decision to blockade the entryway into the demonstration and defy other protesters. At a certain point in time, an Afghan war vet was answering questions from media outlets about why is he attending the rally. They asked him what is the purpose of the rally and what drives him to go out on the streets of Boston.

The ex-soldier replied, “I’m here to support President Trump.”

Antifa supporters didn’t fancy his words. They got mad real quick, and they were furious at him. Antifa used violent language and profanity towards the veteran, shouting “f**k off, Nazi scum” They weren’t happy at all that he is part of the crowd. Antifa tried to use force to get him out of the rally.


No one even tried to stop Antifa members to stop yelling at the ex-soldier. The media just stood there doing nothing. Witnesses of the incident seemed to be enjoying the view. They should be ashamed of themselves. Someone needs to stand up to these bullies. They are the real problem. People like them spread violence and hatred and they fuel the race motivated conflicts at these types of protests.

Cooler heads need to prevail.