Americans Furious As Eyewitness Reveals How Obama Caused 2011 SEAL Massacre

Retired Air Force Capt. Joni Marquez is breaking her silence after almost 6 years of torment over the deaths of 17 Navy SEALS and 13 other U.S. Military servicemen which took place in Afghanistan on August 6th, 2011. Marquez is now telling the graphic truth about what really happened to the Chinook helicopter carrying our beloved soldiers, how the Pentagon covered it up, and why Barack Obama is directly responsible for their deaths.

According to an exclusive interview with Circa, Marquez, who was an eyewitness to the events of that fateful day, is saying that the single most tragic loss of life in the Afghanistan war could have been prevented if the rules of engagement hadn’t been tampered with by the Obama administration in an effort to spare the lives of Muslim enemy combatants at the expense of our own men. Marquez also reveals that Obama’s Pentagon leadership carried out the most heinous of cover-ups to help the former administration save face. Her story brings a new and unparalleled level of righteous anger that cannot be easily calmed.

Marquez was the fire control officer on board an AC-130 gunship called in to assist with a crisis situation in the dangerous Tangi Valley of the Wardak Province. Marquez recounted her chilling story of that day and described it “as almost like a 9-1-1 type of a situation.”

The AC-130 was summoned to fly close-in air support above Afghanistan’s infamous Tangi Valley in an effort to assist troops with the Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment who were under fire from eight heavily armed Taliban enemy combatants.

The Rangers had requested for assault helicopters to engage the Taliban insurgents hiding among the rocky valley, and at first, it was thought that all eight of them were eliminated. “I had the sensor operators immediately shift to the eight insurgents the helicopters had taken out,” Marquez said, in her first interview about the incident. “Two were still alive.”

Marquez’ specific job as the fire control officer onboard was making sure that the sensors and weapons were aligned and allowing the crew to hone in on enemy targets. Shockingly, the gunship was not given permission to fire on the two Taliban insurgents who were crawling away from their positions back toward a nearby village. “We had seen two of them moving, crawling away from the area, as to not really make a whole lot of scene,” she recalled. Watching the scene from above, Marquez relayed the scene to a ground force commander. “You have two enemy forces that are still alive,” she said. “Permission to engage.”

Instead of permission to engage, Marquez received an order to stand down while the two enemy combatants were allowed to rally more men in the nearby village. This was the tragic turning point Marquez believes could have been prevented if her crew was allowed to eliminate the threat when they had the opportunity.

According to The Gateway Pundit, it was during this time that the Chinook helicopter was called in, carrying a total of 38 servicemen and a U.S. Military service dog. The Chinook’s call sign was Extortion 17.

U.S. Central Command’s official investigation said that a rocket-launched grenade from a Taliban fighter struck the Chinook and sent the helicopter into a downward spin. The crash killed all 38, including thirty Americans and eight Afghans. Seventeen of the U.S. servicemen were Navy SEALs. The false report from the Pentagon insisted that the two escaped Taliban fighters disappeared into the brush which is not true. Marquez and her team traced their escape back to the village where they re-armed themselves and recruited more fighters.

Marques said that if she and her team had not been told to stand down that they could have taken out the two escaped Taliban fighters and prevented the deaths of so many of our soldiers. “They continued to essentially gain more and more force behind them because they just kept knocking on doors,” she said. “And the two personnel that initially fled ended up becoming a group of 12 people.”

She continued, “Whenever we reached out to the Joint Operations Center, they would essentially just push back with, ‘Find a, a good infill location. Find a good helicopter landing zone,’” adding that by the time Extortion 17 was inbound, everything was entangled in a mess of confusion.

One of the SEALs was ejected from the Chinook Helicopter and lay dying as Marquez says she watched his infrared body heat signal turn from red to blue and there was nothing she or her crew were allowed to do about it. Marquez blames the Obama administration for changing the rules of engagement. This disgusting politician-made code of engagement allowed the needless deaths of our own men and Barack Obama is to blame. They could have been saved.