ALERT: Popular Beer Company Sends Trump Sick Message On Side Of Every Bottle, Boycott?

Attempting to get the national identity out of the way and emerge a world without borders, Heineken is the latest company on the list doing the dirty work. Believing their brand is powerful enough, at the end of the day, they just want to do what is best for them.

How does this help them, you ask? It helps them get a cheap work power, pushing away European jobs to exploit low-income countries that are still developing. This will significantly drop wages, thus bringing bigger profits in the pockets of some high-end individuals. And for the rest of us? Well, this changes nothing except maybe a less stable community and less work places.

And how is Heineken doing all this? According to AP Movement, they have placed a simple message on every bottle. Everyone can get to the point of it, and it is calling for “a world without borders or barriers.” Just like that.

This will not go intact. People around the globe are planning to boycott the program as it has an unsafe goal and could shake up economies everywhere. Liberals should not be allowed to unite, to work in their interests only, because they will push other celebrities to get in our way.

This propaganda will come to an end, as I am sure Mr. Trump will make a move in the next few days after the holiday. Multinational firms should not het their hands on open borders. They will save million on labor, and will soon eat their words. I mean do you believe this statement from Heineken:

“The world is not full of evil terrorists and dogmatic sadists, but potential friends blocked by those pesky borders.”

I am not buying it. If you’re on my side, scroll down to the comment section and let your emotions roll!