One of the best fitness tips which you should know

Fitness star Emily Sky recently on her Instagram account  uploaded a photo that best reflects her advice, which is that if you are tiny doesnt means that you are happier.

Twenty-nine year old Emily with her fans share the photo image in 2008 when weighed 47 kg, compared with a photograph of her now that weighs 60 kg.

In a post explains that the first picture was taken before I start to train for strength, when practiced only cardio exercises and was obsessed is that weaker. That period was constantly starved, was seriously unhealthy and unhappy, and suffered from depression.

Since then, by focusing on lifting weights and doing high-intensity exercises with short interval (HIIT), it jumped 13 kilograms and is healthier and happier than ever before. She says she does not do long cardio sessions, eat more than you ever eaten in life, and no longer obsessed with her appearance, but train and eat to feel, as best he could.

Emily enjoys having muscles and sense of self-esteem, and their fans recommends to follow her example and exercise and an unhealthy diet not to lose weight, but to what healthier and feel good, both physically and mentally.

It also addresses women are not afraid of lifting weights, because they will make “muscled freaks” as many (men and women), unfortunately, believe. As proof she posted a photo of her “beastly” training (where muscles are extremely severe due to the strain), compared with a photograph of her in normal clothes and environment, which can be seen fantastic results from this type of training.