Look Where The U.S. Navy Is Headed At The Moment… IT’S HAPPENING!

CNN confirmed that a US aircraft carrier-led strike group is going straight to the Western Pacific Ocean in the area near the Korean Peninsula.

The information was confirmed by a US defense official. The USS Carl Vinson strike group is directed by Admiral Harry Harris, the commander of US Pacific Command. The strike group, left Singapore today, and now it’s sailing north to the Western Pacific, revealed the Pacific Command.

Experts agree that this is the President’s response to the North Korean provocations, and officials confirmed this information.

Aircraft carriers are pretty common in this area, and America is often deploying military assets to the region. Vinson spent some time in South Korea last month for the needs of their military exercises.

The whole thing started when North Korea launched a Scud extended-range missile. US officials confirmed that the missile exploded in flight. The regime performed several missile tests in order to improve their ballistic missile technology. But, is this the real reason behind the “accidental” missile launch?

Pacific Command revealed that the Vinson strike group is heading to the Western Pacific instead of going along the previously planned “trip” to Australia. The Third Fleet is responsible for this group.

The information was first brought by Reuters, and it got experts thinking about the possible reasons that made the President bring a decision to send the carrier to the Korean Peninsula. Of course, you can hear tons of fake information, and we’ll see how the situation develops. We’re waiting for new information, and you’ll be the first to learn them.

What do you think about this? Why is the President sending US aircraft carrier in the Western Pacific? Is this a message for North Korea?