5 Vegan Ramen Recipes

When we talk about ramen noodles being unhealthy, we’re talking about those processed, salty, instant ramen noodles that hit the scene in the late 1950s. Ramen doesn’t have to be bad for you. You can make your ramen soup with fresh, homemade ramen noodles, for example. You can also find healthier, packaged ramen noodles.

My favorite healthy ramen comes from Lotus Foods. Their noodles are rice-based and cook up quickly. I really like the Forbidden Rice Ramen that they make. The noodles are deep purple, and they turn the broth purple when you boil them. There are plenty of other companies making not-instant ramen, so check the grocery store and see what’s available. If the noodles you’re eyeing are just-add-water, back away slowly.


1. Gluten Free Ramen Noodle Soup

Linda’s soup is a nice, basic ramen recipe that’s easy to make. It uses the Lotus Foods rice ramen I mentioned above, which are also gluten free. This recipe comes together in under half an hour, so you can have quick-and-easy ramen without harming your health.


2. Sesame Ramen

This noodle soup recipe uses soba or udon noodles instead of actual ramen noodles. Alisa’s noodles are also less brothy than traditional ramen recipes. Feel free to up the broth, if you prefer a brothier soup.


3. Mushroom Ramen

Melissa’s recipe uses homemade ramen noodles in a flavorful broth. She packs in plenty of mushrooms, and I love the addition of sweet potato in this recipe! You can leave the sweet potato out, if you prefer, but I recommend giving it a whirl as-is.


4. Healthy Kimchi Ramen Salad

This salad is anything but traditional! Florian’s recipe is a mash-up of Japanese ramen noodles, Korean kimchi, and Thai green curry. And it’s delicious! When you’re choosing your kimchi, check the ingredients for fish sauce and shrimp paste. There are vegan kimchis out there, you just need to keep an eye out.


5. Ramen Burger

Kristina ditches the bowl all together! Instead, her recipe uses ramen noodles to make the buns for a homemade, chicken-style veggie burger. Then she tops it off with sriracha-wasabi vegan mayo, pickled ginger and avocado. Excuse me, I need to wipe some drool off of my keyboard now.